Sophia Hviid

Photographer Sophia Hviid discovers her interest in photography at a very early age. She established her own photo studio in Copenhagen in 2012.

Here she works with fashion photography, portraits, exhibitions and workshops.

What distinguishes her pictorial style is the movement between light and dark.

A collision between something extremely bright and almost puritan, against a bleak mood in different variations where you get captured in a room of mystery, drama and life’s great existential questions.

Sophia Hviid says:

“I enjoy giving rawness an aesthetic form, thereby communicating in a room of escapism and presence. To blur obscure or reveal a truth. I work therefore typically at the subconscious level, letting imagination, naked truth and the intuitive seduce me, until I meet a result.

What has left it`s mark as the driving force, is not an academic approach, but the experiences in my own journey of life”





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